Personal Injury Law – What Is It, When Should You Sue?

Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law - What Is It, When Should You Sue?

In this article, we explain the nuances of personal injury law in Ontario. Our goal is to help you get over any reluctance you may have against suing.

Such is life that one minute you can be cheerfully going about your day, working a great job, and enjoying a social life that’s the envy of your peers, and the next you are facing an uncertain future after an injury on your body, mental health, or reputation. 

In that one moment, everything changes. If it’s a physical injury, you maybe unable to work for a while, which threatens your livelihood. The physical pain from the injury will also take a toll on your mental health. The effect on your ability to earn may also be the same if its your reputation that’s been tarnished.

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    What Is Personal Injury?

    In terms of the law, personal injury refers to any harm done to your body, mind, emotions, or reputation. It does not include damage to personal property. 

    The most common personal injuries are those caused by car accidents. But personal injuries can also be the result of a slip and fall accident caused by a wet floor, use or consumption of defective products, or medical malpractice, among many other instances. 

    The malicious acts of another person may also cause direct harm to your professional reputation. There may also be a case for injury to your mental health as a result of such an event.

    It is the duty of personal injury law to restore the affected party to the position they would be in if the personal injury event had not occurred. The law is there make you economically whole again so you can proceed with your life. 

    Put another way, the goal of personal injury law is to fully restitute you from the effects of another person’s negligent acts. Negligence is essentially a failure to exercise a standard of care towards someone, causing them injury. Compensation from the resultant injury is based on your status before the accident, precisely how the injury affected your job or business.

    What Should You Do After A Personal Injury Event?

    Unfortunately, many people are unsure of what their rights are and what they are entitled to in personal injury cases. This lack of awareness of personal injury law leads to a general reluctance to sue after a person is hurt in an accident.

    Many people are worried about the expense of hiring a personal injury attorney. Some aren’t sure if they are entitled to any form of compensation if it turns out that they caused the accident in the first place.

    In other cases people are generally aware of their rights under personal injury law. However, their cases don’t produce the expected results because of certain actions and procedures they neglected at the time of the accident. 

    It is critical that you collect as much evidence at the time and scene of the accident to bolster your chances of succeeding with a personal injury lawsuit. Pictures, objects and other physical evidence from the scene of the accident, as well as eye witness accounts can all prove instrumental in court.

    Why You Should Never be Reluctant To Get Legal Help

    You always have a fair chance of compensation in a personal injury law case. In an car accident situation, you can get accident benefits from your own insurance company for injuries you caused. So it is always in your best interests to seek qualified legal help after a personal injury event. 

    A lawyer will help you explore your rights and options and help you get the compensation due to you. But you will need to engage them early for the best chances of success. Many times after a physical accident you are not in the right frame of mind and physical state to drive the lawsuit on your own.

    If you are worried about legal cots, t is also important to note that getting legal help in personal injury cases will not cost you anything. At least not directly. Personal injury lawyers will only collect payment if you succeed with your compensation claim. 

    The amount of the attorney’s payment is in most cases a percentage of the awarded compensation amount. So the lawyer is just as motivated as you are to get you the best compensation possible. However, you should hire a lawyer you can trust and who will advocate for your cause in a competent manner.

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