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Let Our Firm Work For You

At De Sa & Associates P.C., we pride ourselves on service to our clients and finding effective solutions to their legal needs. We recognize that complex legal matters require a team approach. De Sa & Associates offers legal solutions in a wide variety of practice areas.

The Law Society of Upper Canada has approved the payment of referral fees when a matter is referred to another licensee.

Ultra Competitive Referral Fees

We offer generous referral fees. This is especially the case if you regularly refer your clients to De Sa & Associates.

Future Referrals Are Your Referrals

We believe in good and honest business. This means ensuring that when one of your prior clients refers a case to us, that case is considered a referral from you. We always enjoy notifying a legal professional that a new client has come to our office which was generated from one of their referrals. You deserve to be compensated for your originations and we enjoy being compensated for our hard work and loyalty.

Regular Reporting

Updates when you want them. We can send you updates as often as you like. Some legal professionals prefer to receive a monthly update or semi-annual update while others only want to be notified when I am sending them a referral check. You control the level of contact.

Thank you for your trust and we look forward to hearing from you. If needed We would be pleased to discuss our referral policy with you further. Please contact

Ryan De Sa by telephone at (416) 242-7555 x251 or by email at


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DISCLAIMER: The use of the Internet for communications with the firm will not establish a solicitor-client relationship and messages containing confidential or time-sensitive information should not be sent.

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